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Welcome to my website.

My name is Martin and I am a Personal Trainer from Liverpool.

The fitness industry is my passion and I am now providing a personal trainer service to help you reach your goals, whatever that may be.

I have the expertise you need whether you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, gain additional muscle and strength or get in shape for your holiday.

Your individualised program will help unlock the true secret which lies within each person.

I specialise in Face to Face and Online Personal Training in Weight Loss, Toning, adding Muscle, Cardiovascular Exercise, Weight and Circuit Training, improving overall Health and Fitness and Diet and Supplement Plans.

I am fully aware that the one size fits all approach does not work. Each of us has different goals we all want to achieve. I will tailor my services to your needs for better results.

What Can I Do For You?

My Specialities Are…


Face to Face & Online Personal Training


Weight Loss, Toning & adding Muscle


Cardiovascular Exercise


Weight & Circuit Training


Improving overall Health & Fitness


Diet & Supplement Plans

What they’re saying

Client Testimonials

I’d been stuck in a rut for a while, struggling with my diet and going through the motions whenever I went to the gym. After speaking to Martin and explaining my situation, he couldn’t do enough for me. The diet plan he made for me was brilliant, it offered a wide variety of choices while still remaining affordable. He showed me new exercises in the gym, and this reignited my love for working out. After just two weeks on his diet and exercise plan, I noticed some results, and my before and after photos are testament to this. I’d highly recommend Martin, who is able to help regardless of your experience with fitness. The progress I’ve seen has given me a serious confidence boost, and I can’t thank him enough.

James (1-1 client)

I started working with Martin after a few weeks of dieting on my own, I started getting to a point where I felt my workouts and diet were hitting a plateau and I needed the extra push. From the first session Martin took into account what my goals where and listened to the things I said I struggled with to help me improve . after the first session with Martin I could really feel the difference my body felt like I had been working out rather than going through the motions on my own, it also helped having Martin giving encouragement when I felt I couldn’t lift any more to get them last few reps out. After training with Martin for a few months I’ve now lost over 3 stone as well as seeing my body shape and body fat % change drastically. Really appreciate the help and advice Martin has passed on to me while making it fun to train.

Steven (1-1 client)

I needed a diet and a workout plan for home because I’m restricted in the time afforded to me to attend a gym and MM put me onto a great one. The plans are simple and easy to follow with good information on the benefits of each component. Since I started I have lost just under a stone in a small amount of time and that is without the luxury of top-of-the-range workout equipment in the gym, just doing a simple workout from home. MM always keeps in touch with how the plans are going, encouraging and giving more info if needed.

I highly recommend MM to anyone in a similar situation to myself or even those who have time to use the full gym experience.

David (online client)

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